Photo of employees of the month

The employees of Goliad Elementary School named Tisch McDaniel and Brittny Garza as their Difference Makers of the Month.

McDaniel, the teacher for this award, was selected because “you can tell she is truly passionate about her students and doing what she thinks is best for them,” an anonymous nomination said. “She greets everyone with a ‘Good Morning Sunshine' and keeps that positive attitude throughout the day. 

“Tisch is willing to help out in any way she can, and even serves as a mentor to new teachers.”

Garza, the staff member selected for the award, was nominated because she “has been a great addition to our office team,” an anonymous nominator wrote. 

“She fit right in and has learned the ins and outs quickly. I know that if I am not on campus, that I can trust her to help keep it running. 

“Plus, we can find humor in just about any situation, which makes working together fun.”