Think before you post

Goliad ISD is committed to maintaining a safe and bully free school zone in our classrooms, hallways, and online to ensure student well being.

Due to a recent rise in inappropriate social media posts interfering with the educational environment, student cell phone use will be strictly monitored on GISD campuses.

Social media or direct messages posted after school hours, which pose a distraction during the school day, will not be tolerated and result in an investigation and possible disciplinary action.  If the results of an investigation indicate that bullying has occurred, the District shall promptly respond by taking appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the GISD Student Code of Conduct.  The District will notify law enforcement in certain circumstances. 

In addition to our efforts at school, we encourage all parents and caregivers to discuss digital citizenship and appropriate social media use with your child. The following is a guide for parents: Online Safety Guide for Parents: FTC

Together, we will help all students navigate our connected world and digital citizenship.