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Mission Statement

Vision: Preserving the past, preparing the future
- Equitable access to a quality education.
- Each student deserves a nurturing, safe, engaging, and challenging environment in which to thrive.
- Students are stakeholders in their own learning...they have a voice.
- That student success is based on a shared responsibility between community, parents, school, etc. It takes a village...
- The STEAM, CTE, and extracurricular activities all lead to the success of a student.
- Every student be given the opportunity to maximize their learning/talents.
- Every child be taught and modeled accountability, responsibility perseverance, pride. - Celebrating all students and their successes.

About Us

The spirit of the tiger, the heart of our community, exudes through every GISD team member. 
We value our history and we take pride in preparing the future. 
Through our love for our students, our support of each other, and our commitment to our community

Recent News

Comfort Closet

We are currently working on a project to transform 2 classrooms into “Comfort Closets”. We are wanting to have clothing, backpacks, school supplies & full or travel size personal hygiene products, available to our students and their families, when they are in need. Our goal is to not allow the need for these items to impede the educational progress of our students. In order to make a difference, we rely on the support and generous individuals and businesses in our community. We would be most grateful if you would consider providing monetary donations from $10-$1000, or item donations.


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